Honda sports car will be charged in 15 minutes

The electric cars Honda Sports EV  Concept and  Urban EV  Concept will be charged at  full  speed several times faster than the current electric cars.

At the  Tokyo Motor Show, Honda introduced the concept of a sports electric car Honda Sports EV  Concept and a  funny miniature electric car Urban EV  Concept . Both interested the public in the press, but Honda did not disclose  details about  its electric cars  . And  now the Japanese laid out on the  table an interesting fact   their cars will be charged in 15 minutes with a reserve of 240 km. This is several times faster than competitors.       

Previously, Honda was developing batteries together with  Panasonic, but  recently changed its partner, with  which it  developed new batteries. True,  only the next-generation chargers with a capacity of  350 kW can open their potential . Today’s power standard is  150 kW. 

Source: nikkei